How It Works

Reviewing the books that impact the world–in a way the world will understand.

Our Origins

J. J. Hanna is a writer and reader who has loved the book world her whole life. As anyone who has ever tried to choose between 1-5 stars for a book review knows, books and how they impact you are never as straightforward as a 1-5 scale. One aspect of the book may be amazing, while other aspects may be mediocre, and still some aspects aren’t a judgement on quality but rather more of a content warning.

How it Works

Once a book has been selected for review, a reviewer will judge its quality in two ways.

Stars determine the overall review of the book–would we recommend it, did we enjoy it, so on and so forth.

Quills determine quality of writing–how many typos there are, overall story structure, and other factors related to the writing mechanics.

Any other emoji rating should be taken as more of a content warning or suggestion than as a statement on quality. If a romance novel has a lot of explicit scenes (as determined by the reviewer), this will be shown by a greater number of emojis. If a thriller has almost no on page violence, this will be indicated by a lower number of emojis.

We believe readers should know what they are walking into when they pick up a book.

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Every book will receive a star rating and a quill rating.

Genre specific novels will receive additional content descriptors.

Please see our Submission Guidelines if you’d like to submit a review.