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Star Rating (1-5)

Quill Rating (1-5) and 1-2 sentence explanation.

Additional content descriptors (see our genre content guide) along with 1-2 sentence explanations.

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Content Description Guidelines

At Power Book Reviews, we believe book reviews should be understood at a glance.

This means every review on our site must include content descriptors along with an overall rating of the book.

These descriptors will help readers understand what they may be picking up before they’re in too deep.

Because these factors are not quality based but rather sensitivity based, the 1-5 rating is not a statement on quality but rather on quantity.

A thriller with violence on nearly every page would have a violence rating of 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪

A explicit romance novel with sexual activity occurring every few chapters would rate 💋💋💋💋💋

A psychological thriller with on page violence only occurring at the climax would have a rating of 🔪

In the event of a romantic suspense novel with some on page violence and some explicit sexual activity would have both content descriptors arranged like so:



Every content descriptor must have an explanation designed to help a reader understand why it’s rated the way it is.

💋💋💋 – This novel has some explicit scenes, however they are not drawn out and are important to the plot. 

🔪🔪🔪 – These characters are criminals and act as such, however given the circumstances violence is kept to a minimum.

A rating of 1 indicates none of the related trait.

🔪 – Despite being a high-action suspense novel, there is no on page violence.

Emoji legend:

🔪 – Violence

💋 – Explicit romantic activity

💣 – Language. This applies to any curse words used that would generally be shortened to avoid saying the word. Think of this in the same way movie and TV guides would: 1 = Rated G. 5 = Rated R.

🚩 – Possible trigger warnings